Cruising to Monkey Island, Puerto Rico

A little unknown island off the Southeast coast of Puerto Rico is home to over 900 wild monkeys. Only a few tours make their way out to the island and our experience with Captain Paco and the La Paseadora Cruise was phenomenal.


Fun Fact: the first monkey sent to space was from this island!

Captain Paco’s tour includes a quick boat ride out to the island, a fiesta on the boat while he teaches everyone how to play traditional instruments – including a conch shell, snorkeling a shipwreck full of sea life, and of course, a front row seat of the residents of Monkey Island! Note that no one is allowed on the island, besides the scientists studying the monkeys, for safety reasons.

A shot of some of the monkeys running around!

Paco provides snorkeling, fishing, and kayaking gear and points out where the monkeys are – although they’re not hard to find, we saw probably around 2 dozen scurrying around. There are also tons of sea life right by where you stop and hop off the boat.


The sunken ship has become a reef and home to many schools of fish. Starfish are also abundant and absolutely beautiful. With a little luck with the weather and the crystal clear waters, it’s hard not to be blown away by all the things you can see in the small bit of area.


The tour lasts about 3 hours and varies in cost depending on the size of the group. A larger group of 8 will be about $40/person, while only 2 people will be about $90/person. The boat launches from a dock at Puerto de Naguabo near KM 66.8 on Route 3, about an hour from San Juan.

Keep in mind that Paco runs this business by himself primarily through only his cell phone, so there’s no formal reservation. I recommend calling a few days in advance and following up the day before.

Call 787-316-0441 for reservations!

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