Gifts for the Wanderer in your life

It’s that time of year again! Time to give some kickass gifts to the people most important to you. If you’ve got a wanderluster in your life, it’s guaranteed they’ll also be lusting over one of these gifts. When it comes to gift giving, I aim to gift things that my friends may not get themselves, but they end up using all the time because of how practical and fun it is. Everything listed here are things I’ve gotten myself or a friend has gotten me.

Jackery Titan Smart Fit Technology Portable Charger

Available on Amazon ($29.99)

A portable charger is a necessity for travelers, especially ones that love sharing their adventures through social media apps.

For an added level of personal touch and quirkiness, get the portable charger engraved with the phrase:

Not All Who Wander Need An Outlet

…a fun play on Tolkien’s famous phrase that all wanderlusters have embraced.

Insten Universal Charger Adapter Plug

Available on Amazon ($6.79)

This gift isn’t the sexiest, but it might be the most useful thing ever for someone jumping country lines often. This makes packing a no brainer and will insure that everyone’s phone is juiced up and ready to Instagram that beautiful waterfall. Note that this is just an adapter plug, not an electrical converter, so heavier electronics like hair dryers or staightners still may not be able to directly plug into walls of certain countries… this is more for smaller electronic charging, like phones and cameras.

Go Pro Hero 4 Silver

Available on Amazon ($324.95)

Speaking of cameras…Go Pro’s line of cameras are the bees knees. I absolutely love the capabilities of this little camera. I’ve used it to record snorkeling in Iceland, riding an elephant in Thailand, and waterfall rappelling in Costa Rica. I like this model the best because of the control it gives the user. It comes with a touch screen and waterproof casing. Follow @gopro on Instagram to see some stunning photo and video captures.

Go Pro Accessories

Available on Amazon (ranging from $8 – >$100)

What’s a traveler to do without all the gadgets and gizmos that make Go Pro footage that much cooler? As you can see, there are tons of accessories for Go Pros that even go beyond this picture. Base your choice of accessorie on what the Go Pro will be used for. Skiing/snowboardin: chest strap

Biking: bike mount or helment mount

Festivals: head mount, shoulder mount, selfie stick, stabilizer

Water sports:  dome, surfboard mount, buoy mount

Instax Mini 90

Available on Amazon ($124.25)

More memory making gifts! The Instax is fun and timeless. This camera instantly prints out your photo. This particular model can do long exposure, double exposure  (example below), and a whole set of modes for movement, landscape, and more. I’ve even made some of my pictures into ornaments and cards. The film is sold separately, but if bought in bulk can be very cheap.


J-Pillow Travel Pillow

Available on Amazon ($29.95)

For the constant traveler, long flights and bus rides can reallly disrupt sleep and overall energy. This pillow has worked wonderfully in allowing me to get some pretty good sleep on planes. It cradles your neck and chin so that even while sitting up, you can get support. It’s best used in combination with a window seat lean, but it still beats the sleepy head nod or the head-on-a-stranger alternative.

Scratch Off Map of the World

Available on Amazon ($8-$25)

This is a fun conversation piece to put up on a wall. As you scratch off countries you’ve visited, the map becomes more and more colorful. It’s great to see how far your travels have taken you.


Available on Etsy ($12 – $40)


For the artistic, give them a journal to sketch or write about their travels in. You can even personalize it with their initials or a personal quote.

Cheesy Travel Quotes printed on anything and everything

This is a gift you can personalize to what your traveler friend uses the most. Mix and match as you’d like…

Quotes: “Not all who wander are lost” “Don’t quit your Daydream” “Collect moments not things” “To travel is to live” “I need Vitamin Sea”

Items to Personalize: phone cases, luggage tags, water bottle, shirts and tanks, journals, jewelry


What other gift ideas are good for travel addicts? What’s the best gift you’ve ever given or gotten? Leave a comment below!

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